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A delectable dessert drink to enjoy over ice.

Vanilla. Honey. Coconut. Coffee. Beautiful flavours that enhance each other so well. This stirred cocktail was inspired by a drink at Roland's bar in Leeds, and also bears a lot of similarities to the now-defunct Patrón XO Cafe coffee flavoured tequila.

With all those tasty flavours, this isn't one for swigging. It's very much a slow sipper, as the sweetness only just conceals the fact that there's still plenty of alcohol here. I've used Cut to the Rum overproof which has so much vanilla jumping out of the bottle that it totally masks the fact that it's 75.5% and I would definitely recommend the same here. Premium ingredients make this drink and I love every single one of them.



  • 15 ml honey tequila liqueur

  • 15 ml overproof rum

  • 15 ml Licor 43

  • 30 ml coconut syrup

  • 30 ml coffee liqueur

  • Dehydrated coconut



  • Add the alcohol to your mixing glass with plenty of ice, stir well.

  • Strain into a glass with ice, preferably one large cube.

  • Delicately garnish with the dehydrated coconut and enjoy.



  • Cazcabel honey tequila liqueur

  • Cut Rum overproof rum

  • Combier coconut syrup

  • Wolfe Bros coffee liqueur


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