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Cherry Lime Rickey

The gin classic with a healthy dose of bitters.

The Gin Rickey is a classic that has been going since the late 19th century, created at the Shoemaker's Bar in Washington D.C. and named after Colonel Rickey. Similar to a Tom Collins, the basic Gin Rickey is refreshing combination of gin, lime juice, and soda.

The recipe for this version is by All the Bitter, a husband and wife business team who make delicious nonalcoholic bitters and who kindly provided their classic trio for me to try. This recipe features their New Orleans bitters (flavours of anise, hibiscus, rosehips, and tart cherry) in a healthily large amount. Although their recipe suggests using an alcohol free spirit, I chose to split between two different gins instead. The Luxardo sour cherry gin compliments the flavours of the New Orleans bitters beautifully, and the Fierce and Fearless gin is a great citrusy allrounder, plus it's from local business Liquor Studio in Leeds.

The recipe from All the Bitter doesn't include the falernum but I like a little extra sweetness with my drinks, plus the almond and lime flavours worked perfectly with the rest of the ingredients.

This is a great summer cocktail, perfect for hot days, and it works well with a combination of alcoholic and nonalcoholic spirits.



  • 50 ml gin or nonalcoholic alternative

  • 15 ml lime juice

  • 5 full droppers of New Orleans nonalcoholic bitters

  • 10 ml falernum syrup (or regular sugar syrup)

  • Soda

  • 1 lime



  • Add all the ingredients apart from the soda to a highball glass.

  • Top with ice and soda.

  • Stir to mix flavours together.

  • Garnish with lime wheels.




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