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Crisp Pears

Tequila and tonic given a fruity makeover.

Everyone knows how refreshing a gin and tonic is on a summer's day, but how about a T + T? Tequila is the perfect accompaniment to tonic, especially with a pinch of salt to bring out the flavours, and it's a combination you definitely have to try.

Speaking of things you have to try, is Xanté in your alcohol cabinet? If not then it definitely should be. Xanté is a cognac based pear liqueur which tastes not unlike a grownup pear drop. It pairs beautifully with the earthy agave of tequila, and is best friends with apple (if you have any Calvados then definitely give it a go).



  • 20 ml Xanté pear liqueur

  • 20 ml tequila blanco

  • Mediterranean tonic

  • Pinch of sea salt

  • Dehydrated apple slice


  • Add the Xanté, tequila and salt to a tall glass 1/3 filled with ice and stir to combine.

  • Fill up with remaining ice.

  • Top mixture with tonic.

  • Garnish with dehydrated apple or pear slices.


Tequila: Ocho

Tonic: Fevertree

Apple slices: The Zest Co



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