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Pineapple Highball

Whisky and pineapple = perfect

As the weather starts getting warmer, highball season springs into action. Very simply, highballs are spirit + carbonated mixer. This is really a riff on the classic scotch and soda, albeit with quite a few tropical extras. It's a format which is simple and endless to play on.

Here I've used the salted pineapple syrup I made a while ago - syrups can last really well if you put them in the freezer. The ginger goes perfectly with the whisky, and the angostura bitters tie it all together. Garnish with a physalis to bring a pop of sunny sweetness!





  • Add the first four ingredients to highball glass half filled with ice.

  • Stir well and top with more ice and soda.

  • Garnish with a physalis and glass straw.



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