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Poison Apple

Watch out Snow White, the Evil Queen is after you.

Halloween is such a great time for cocktail making. Crazy themes, spooky props, and grenadine galore. As I get older I get more into Halloween and I always love coming up with my October ideas.

This is from a series based on Disney villains which was the most fun to create. Perhaps the Evil Queen is a bit obvious but why ever not!

I used a specific gin for this which by One Gin. It's russet apple and sage based to really highlight those autumnal flavours, and it pairs so beautifully with the blackberry and sage syrup. Chambord is an absolute must too, there's nothing which quite compares to it!

Then the last thing to do is make sure you decant it into the most spooky vessel you have to hand. I've used a vintage bitters bottle but go wild with your options - single stem vases make fantastic cocktail glasses too.

Other drinks I made in this series were based on Ursula, Hades, and Maleficent and I loved them all!



  • 15 ml Chambord black raspberry liqueur

  • 40 ml blackberry and sage syrup*

  • 25 ml apple based gin

  • 40 ml lemon juice

* Blackberry and sage syrup: in a sauce pan add 1 tablespoon white sugar and 1 tablespoon white. Add 4 blackberries and 2 sage leaves, muddle together. Simmer mixture for 10 minutes then leave to infuse for another 10. Strain and store in the fridge.


  • Add all ingredients to your mixing glass and shake with plenty of ice.

  • Strain into your spooky vessel of choice

  • Serve garnished with slices of apple.



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