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Reverse Rose Martini

A rose based martini; lower in ABV but just as strong in character!

The 18th June is World Martini Day, so chill your favourite clear spirit and dig out your mixing glass. Martinis are classics which have been around for over 100 years. Originally made with gin, the vodka martini is one of many variations which has since sprung up, and is best known as James Bond's favourite drink. Unlike Bond's version though, this one is stirred, because the rite of making a martini is just as important as the ingredients themselves.

If your first thought when you hear the word martini is "pure alcohol" then a reverse version is for you. This riff switches the ratios so that there's more fortified wine than spirit, which gives a smooth, delicate sip that is also lower in alcohol. It's a great way to allow the flavours to really shine and make this a delicious drinking experience.

To really embrace the rose flavouring try infusing the vodka with some dehydrated (food grade) rose petals over night.



  • 45 ml Lillet rosé

  • 15 ml vodka (the colder the better)

  • 1 barspoon rose syrup

  • Dehydrated rose petals

  • Chilled martini glass

  • Barspoon

  • Mixing glass

  • Ice


  • Add the lillet, vodka, and rose syrup to a mixing glass with plenty of ice.

  • Quick stir to combine for 30 seconds.

  • Strain into a very cold martini glass.

  • Garnish with rose buds and serve.


Vodka: Skull X

Rose syrup: Combier

Rose petals: Polly's Petals


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18 juin 2022

Oh, this looks marvellous

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