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Warning: Toxic

A fun Halloween serve for any age.

Here's another spoooooky Halloween serve for you. It's low alcohol but could easily be made totally alcohol free so little ones can join in the fun too. The amazing green colour is caused by mixing blue curaçao and orange juice, no food dye required.



  • 1 kiwi fruit

  • 50 ml blue curaçao liqueur (swap for blue curaçao syrup)

  • 20 ml lemon juice

  • 20 ml sugar syrup

  • 25 ml orange juice

  • Nonalcoholic sparkling wine (swap for lemonade)



  • Muddle chopped kiwi fruit in your shaker.

  • Add all ingredients aside from the sparkling wine, plus ice, and shake well.

  • Strain into your spooky vessel of choice (it may take a while to strain thanks to the kiwi)

  • Top with sparkling wine or lemonade, watch out for the bubbling!



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