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White Negroni

Negroni week may be over for another year but this is a cocktail you won't want to stop drinking.

The Negroni. A classic three part drink which has spawned many excellent variations. Even if the original is too strong or bitter for you, there's always a version that'll tick the boxes and make you feel like you're spending a sunny evening in Italy.

The White Negroni was invented in 2001 by Wayne Collins, and it switches out the Campari and vermouth for two French ingredients: Suze and Lillet blanc. Although this keeps the bitter, alcoholic profile of the drink intact, the swap to the gentian root based Suze makes the drink lighter and floral, and the Lillet blanc brings a delicate sweetness.

This golden hued drink works best over a hunk of clear ice, and as the dilution mellows the alcohol the flavours shift and change - the perfect drink to sit and savour as the nights draw in.



  • 30 ml gin (I used Smidgin)

  • 20 ml Lillet blanc

  • 30 ml Suze

  • Lemon



  • Add the alcohol to your mixing glass with plenty of ice, stir well.

  • Strain into a glass with ice, preferably one large cube.

  • Peel a strip of zest from your lemon, squeeze over the drink to express the oils then twist and serve.



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